Alison Winchester

Alison Winchester is a mixed media artist in Bulli, NSW. As a child Alison was in awe of the environment around her, constantly picking up leaves, sand, soil and rocks and exploring how she could interact with her surroundings. This tactile, playful nature continued into adulthood and has informed her art process.

Growing up with a family who ran a farm in Yass, NSW, Alison was fascinated with the thousands of sheep wandering on the farm. This curiosity gave birth as an adult to the desire of using her childhood memories and working with her brother's farm at Braidwood, NSW to combine two different worlds, coastline and rural, and create art. The wool is direct from her brother's sheep farm and is a highlight of many of Alison's artworks. It exhibits the way in which Alison explores the natural environment around her and how we can interrelate with it sustainably. 


Alison has a strong focus on the felting process and wearable arts. She constantly looks for ways to explore working with organic materials, entwining them in her unique approach to the art process.