Angie Cass

Angie Cass has been a collage artist for 26 years in the UK and Australia. Her works feature domestic materials such as wallpaper, wrapping paper, interior paints, and washi tape. She often comments on social environments and migration from England to the southern hemisphere. Living locally, she also has a fascination with the contrasts of nature and industry, in Port Kembla and in the saltwater pools of the Illawarra. Her exhibitions and works sold privately between 2013 and the present reflect these passions. Angie is currently making paper stop-motion animations and she teaches collage with people of varied abilities in her local neighbourhood.

A comment students at Scarborough PS:

Golden Compass "This picture makes me feel like I am an Aztec in an ancient temple of the sun god and bowing to a statue of him." 

Dylan, 8