Chris Duzcynski

Chris Duczynski is a Bulli based photographer and cinematographer and the owner of media production company, Malibumedia.

He photographs with full frame DSLR’s and also with drones – mainly landscapes, surfing and industrial design.

His latest group of large-scale photos are part of The Shipping Series. He has captured massive cargo ships reflecting golden light in his huge, abstracted photos. A tribute to the functional design of the industrial maritime hulks that unload in Port Kembla docks before slipping quietly away again. 

He has also been using his drone to capture surfing from above, highlighting the abstract design of the colours and seascape below. His award winning aerial shots have been featured in National Geographic online, Prophoto and numerous surfing magazines and websites.

Finally, the landscape photos on display show twisted torso-like scribbly gums, as if they have a life of their own. All these trees have a unique scribble formed by larvae burrowing under the bark. Some of the trees on popular walks have been graffitied and vandalized with carved words and initials – adding to the commentary about our interaction with nature.