David Manks

David Manks completed a Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts at the City Art Institute, Sydney, in 1987. He completed a Master of Creative Arts, receiving a Distinction, at the University of Wollongong in 2004.

David has regularly exhibited in successful and critically acclaimed solo and group shows across Australia and internationally. His home studio is filled with artwork depicting the spectacular scenery of the Illawarra. Working texturally and tonally, he explores the formal structure of the subject matter with an emphasis on the atmospheric moods of the changing light, brought about by weather and seasons. Many of these paintings reveal evidence of human occupation and interaction within the landscape. Houses and dwellings merge with these natural elements but they do not detract from the drama of the sea, land and sky. 

These works are much more than a representation of a place, they are based on the immediate environment in the Northern Illawarra Region where the notion of “local” is explored, referencing the natural elements that express the uniqueness of this dramatic and alluring landscape. The escarpment, the flora and fauna, the coastline and the people who inhabit and enjoy the landscape have provided a continual source of inspiration, contemplation and feeling which has driven the artmaking.