Jaqueline Burgess

Born in South Africa, Jaqueline Burgess is an Australian painter. As a semi-finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait prize in 2016, Jaqueline moves between portrait and landscape painting. After early training in South Africa in Fine Art she travelled to Europe to work as an artist, muralist and art teacher in a private school. 


Jaqueline creates works that reflect the Australian landscape. Her love of the land and coastline has influenced her work in a way that allows her to move between semi-surreal landscapes with the intention of depicting light with its changing qualities. Primarily exploring the natural way in which light filters through trees and reflects off water, she has compiled a body of work inspired by photographs and sketches collected on coastal and bush walks.  Each work portrays a memory of an emotion linked to a certain landscape at the time. The dream-like quality of her subdued palette creates a grounded visual engagement throughout the works.


"Landscape painting embodies my desire to paint the beauty I see everyday, especially in the coastal area where I live. I’ve always imagined that my emotional response to the landscape could be put to canvas."