Escarpment and Rural

Escarpment and Rural

Wool felt, linen, cotton: dyed

Unframed / 250 x 250cm





"It makes me think of the sky and animals, like zebras with the black and white and lions with the orange and yellow, black like panthers stalking through the trees. It reminds me of nature and it makes me feel wild. If I wrapped myself in it nothing could get in the way of me."

Olive, 6




"When I look at this artwork, it makes me think about generations passing down their stories. Each person getting to add their piece and their story so no one story is alone – it is all a part of a longer story. It makes me feel amazed to think about how many people made such beautiful artworks to share their knowledge. To look at something like this means that you know your world and your story is only a small piece and everyone else has their piece too." Lilah, 9