I am not playing Possum

I am not playing Possum

Collagraph on Velin Arches paper

Framed / 70 x 50cm





“When I look at the collagraphs, they remind me of and tell me of issues that are present in the world today. I notice how the artist hardly uses any colour to show meaning in the images and then uses specific colours to show importance. What stands out for me is how the artist has chosen to make artworks on a subject that many people have opinions on. I like how the artist has chosen to use her talents to make a stand about an issue that is entirely real and has many effects on the earth. The artworks are not only beautiful but they are also significant. I can imagine people looking at the images and wondering what they could do to help the issue we are faced with and how the images can help speak up for people who only have a small voice. But I believe that one voice can change the world and if not that, the one voice can inspire others.”

Astara, 12