Offerings from isolation

Offerings from isolation

Watercolour on Arches paper

Framed / 21.5 x 30cm framed (artwork 15 x 21cm)

25 March 2020




"The beautiful background paint texture in the background draws your eye to the clouds first, then you rest your eyes on the fine details of the tea party."

Sonny, 10




Artist Comment - 

Every day brings unimaginable news. One way to have some sense of order is to have a pattern of action in the day. And to remember the long cycles of past civilisations full of the intricacy of making. Since 2005 I have painted a daily watercolour, mostly sitting up in bed as the sun rises above the Pacific, and seeing the glass table before the window crowded with facsimiles of pots and figurines from Cyprus, Greece and India, often with a bunch of flowers from the garden, or a gift from a friend.