Sponge from the Beach

Sponge from the Beach

Watercolour on Arches paper

Framed / 15 x 21 cm, overall framed 21.5 x 30 cm

1 June 2020




Artist comment - 

Everything is opening up, with a semblance of normality. A walk on the radiant beach was sprinkled with families. A tiny boy toddled along, his feet in the crinkly waves, laughing and laughing in pure happiness at being there. The interlaced branches of the sponge found on the sand had been thrown up by rough seas. I think Covid 19 has been a rough sea, and will change everyone in all kinds of ways, such as the unthinking ease of travel and being in crowded places. The universities will change irreversibly. I've become aware, as Julia Baird has said, that in difficult times you draw on what you have learnt and felt, all the gifts of family, education, friendship and love. The 'nous' in Greek means the heartfelt mind, or a thinking heart and this can be a bulwark, a fortress against attacks from anxious uncertainty. Keeping the daily rhythm of painting the watercolour has allowed me to view the underlying necessity of what I have done over fifty years of being an artist. The subterranean drive to make art over decades has become visible in weeks of unstructured time.