Table with clouds

Table with clouds

Watercolour on Arches paper

Framed / 21.5 x 30cm framed (artwork 15 x 21cm)

18 May 2020




Artist comment - 

The sky today was teeming with clouds rushing from one horizon to the other, rapidly changing shape, concealing then revealing patches of azure emptiness. The parks are open again so that you can push children on swings higher and higher so they imagine they are superheroes among the clouds looking down on earth, visiting unknown planets and distant galaxies. On the walls in Egyptian tombs there are paintings of tables heaped with offerings of food in great dishes. The ceilings are often painted with a pattern of stars, the divine 3 stars who oversee the fate of humans - similarly in Roman tombs in Cyprus, wall paintings of garlands and vessels are surmounted by a star painted canopy on the ceiling. Perhaps the happiness at seeing tables laden with dishes and plates of food in re-opened if scantily occupied restaurants has a faint resonance with ancient instincts.