Tree on Road

Tree on Road

Acrylics on cotton canvas

Unframed / 48 x 48cm





"This setting reminds me of a house in my neighbourhood where the house has a garage then a walkway down to the house below. There is a big bushy tree out the front and a bit to the left. When you look over the garage you can see the wonderful sea view. I notice how the artist has added a lot of plants in the picture and tiny boats out the back. In the sky the artist has one side with dark clouds and the other with a clear blue sky. This picture makes me feel like I am alive and young, but I am getting older. It also makes me imagine a little boy, about 5-7 years old, running past a mother that is walking with their newborn baby in a stroller and they are walking home from the first day of school. It is a nice feeling."

Jay, 12