Sophie Taggart

Sophie Taggart is an artist, a healer and a mother. She creates abstract artworks with vibrant colour at the core of her works. Of her inspiration and purpose Sophie says: 

 “I now know that how we see everything in life is completely dependent on our own individual interpretation-life is how WE see it. It was for this reason that I was, and still profoundly am, attracted to creating abstract artworks. There is no right or wrong, there is no actual truth, there is only the way you see what is in front of you and how it makes you feel. With an abstract artwork, if you choose to engage with the work, questioning, wondering and being aware of your feelings, your entire experience is enriched.

This is my philosophy on life. The more you question, wonder and engage with what is happening to you, around you and with you, life itself becomes so much richer” 


In addition to creating works of her own inspiration, Sophie creates unique and meaningful commissions based on the intentions, wishes and stories of families, individuals and businesses.